Representatives from Twiggs County, the Georgia Public Service Commission, Georgia Power, Origis Energy, and First Solar, Inc. gathered today in western Twiggs County for the groundbreaking of a massive new solar installation, which will cover 2,000 acres off US-23. The facility will have a capacity of 261 MW and can power an estimated 42,804 homes, according to Origis Energy. This can be projected to reduce carbon emissions by approximately 210,000 kgs (230 tons) per year, compared to coal power. By capacity, this project is expected to become the largest solar installation east of the Mississippi River.

The project, known as GA Solar 4, is sponsored by Origis Energy and will be developed by First Solar, Inc. All energy and renewable attributes of the project will be sold to Georgia Power through Georgia Power’s Renewable Energy Development Initiative (REDI) Program.