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Air Quality Pledge/Resolution of Support

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as required by the Clean Air Act, will soon “review and, if necessary, revise air quality standards every five years to ensure that they protect public health with an adequate margin of safety.” Accordingly, it is expected that EPA would propose actions and finalize any National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) revisions within the next few years.


Here in Middle Georgia, we recognize that improving air quality and maintaining clean air, that is in attainment of the NAAQS established by EPA, is critical to both the physical health of residents and the economic vitality of the region. Therefore,we join other city and county governments, businesses, institutions, and organizations from across the Middle Georgia region to support the development, implementation, and maintenance of the Middle Georgia Air Quality Action Plan and Middle Georgia Clean Air initiative.

We are committed to supporting outreach and education efforts as well as identifying the specific actions that our organization can implement as part of collaborative efforts to ensure that the Middle Georgia maintains a level of air quality that allows our region to reach its full potential as a great place to live, learn, do business, and raise a family.

(As part of the pledge/resolution, we will identify from the Middle Georgia strategies/actions list those actions that our local government/business/organization can work on moving forward. We commit to having a member of our staff work with the Middle Georgia Air Quality Advisory Committee and Georgia EPD to ensure that our efforts are captured as part of the Clean Middle Georgia report to EPA’s Ozone Advance Program)

Upstate Air Quality Pledge/Resolution of Support