Middle Georgia has faced a lot of challenges over the years and has always met those challenges with determination and stamina. In 2003, Georgia Environmental Protection Division recommended that two Middle Georgia counties be designated as non-attainment for air quality and that one county be designated as a contributor to that non-attainment. The ability to reach attainment for ozone and particulate matter was particularly difficult in these three counties because we didn’t have control or authority over many sources of ozone or particulate matter. This was a designation that would directly harm Robins Air Force Base’s standing under a potential base realignment or closure.

The Middle Georgia Clean Air Coalition (MGCAC) was formed in 2003 to develop a long-term regional response to air quality issues while encouraging economic growth and ensuring the health and economic well-being of residents throughout the Middle Georgia region. MGCAC’s connection to other counties and cities through a shared regional economy has made it possible for us to work together to address our shared environment.

Environmental compliance is required by law, but mere compliance is not enough to ensure sustained economic growth. MGCAC has worked to encourage voluntary action from all community members and has used market forces to develop projects that ensure clean air and economic growth. All citizens were called upon to engage in creating the conditions for a better tomorrow, and they answered.

Today, every county in Middle Georgia is in attainment of all air quality standards. The citizens are breathing better air, the economy is working to produce new jobs, and Robins AFB remains a priority for the Air Force and our community.

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