The Middle Georgia Clean Air Coalition, Norfolk Southern, Georgia EPD, community partners, and more gathered at Brosnan Yard to celebrate the dedication of six new eco-friendly locomotives (including three mother-slug sets). These locomotives replace a total of nine old diesel locomotives operating at Brosnan Yard. As a result of efforts by the MGCAC, Norfolk Southern was successfully able to secure funding for the replacement of the old diesel locomotives at Brosnan Yard. In total, $6.2 million in CMAQ funding was allocated to conversions in Middle Georgia. Norfolk Southern matched this with an additional $4 million in 2015-2017. From 2017-2019, an additional $1.8 million was invested.

Brosnan Yard is a massive rail classification yard which employs 300 people and is located just on the edge of downtown Macon. Approximately 10,000 train cars per week travel through the yard. It is one of Norfolk Southern’s largest classification yards on the entire Eastern Seaboard, and is also the location for one of Macon’s air quality sensors, causing significant compliance challenges for the region.

Directly, this project allows for the reduction of 1.8 tons of PM and 55 tons of NOx emissions annually. More broadly, levels of PM and Ozone have been declining within Middle Georgia, and as a result, all counties in Middle Georgia are today in the attainment of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). This accomplishment is a testament to the coordinated partnerships of local elected officials, state agencies, and private companies in working toward the common goal of improving air quality to assist with stimulating the local economy.